Amherst, N.Y, July 14, 2020—Athena SWC is excited to announce that it has partnered with Thomas as a Certified Thomas Agency. Thomas is a data, platform, and technology company and a leading resource for the industrial marketplace. This partnership positions Athena to be a best-in-class provider of a complete inbound and outbound marketing solution.

“Our goal is to be a best practice inbound/outbound firm for manufacturers. This partnership allows us to offer a completely integrated inbound and outbound marketing approach, which is required for the flow and return our customers need,” said Todd Zielinski, CEO and Managing Partner, Athena SWC. “This truly differentiates us because most agencies offer either inbound or outbound, not both, and they don’t have the ability to track, measure, and monitor return on investment and sales growth.”

Athena’s current outbound offering includes front-end business development support, target market profiling and list development, sales support and pipeline management, and targeted messaging through direct mail and emails. From the first touch of a prospect, Athena nurtures that prospect through resolution with a series of planned and executed marketing touches.

This partnership allows Athena to offer additional digital services to its industrial clients, including Thomas’ LeadGen program, WebTrax­­™ website tracking and measurement tools, search engine optimization, website development,® platform advertising, Thomas Industry Update newsletter sponsorship, and Thomas Traceparts Network.

“Manufacturers and industrial companies are navigating the digital transformation of marketing and sales. We are proud to have Athena SWC as a Certified Thomas Agency. They can now leverage the Thomas audience, products, and services to enable that transition and drive growth for their customers,” said Thomas President and CEO, Tony Uphoff.