Marketing for Manufacturers

Athena SWC provides inbound and outbound marketing services that grow revenue for industrial clients in complex selling environments. We have a unique approach to marketing for manufacturers that generates qualified leads and helps move them through the sales pipeline.

Our proven process model focuses on having the right people, processes, and tools in place to increase sales rep productivity, compress your sales cycle, and generate new business. We connect our industrial clients with our sales and marketing experts to help with strategy and implementation and provide them with access to the top sales and marketing tools and technology.

Get more information about our approach, expert team of sales and marketing professionals, and the technology we use below. If you’re more interested in learning about our individual services, check out our How We Do It page.

Our Approach to Marketing for Manufacturers

Our lead generation, sales coordination, and support services target and develop real, qualified sales opportunities for manufacturers and other companies in complex B2B selling environments through the use of our unique processes and supporting infrastructure. Find out more about our unique approach that focuses on people, process, and tools here.

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Your Team

The Athena SWC team of marketing professionals is highly experienced in handling every aspect of your inbound and outbound sales and marketing strategies. Learn more about how individual team members contribute their strengths to our full-service solutions and meet the sales and marketing team you can trust here.

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At Athena SWC, we use top marketing and sales technology to propel your business forward and provide unparalleled insight into the performance of our marketing for manufacturers. Learn more about our expertise working with Pipedrive and other popular CRM systems, chatbots, marketing automation software, website tracking technology, research tools, and design programs.

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