Thermal regulation is highly critical for many applications, particularly when working with life-saving or critical components in the medical and A&D industries. But even for less critical applications, your customers will want to know that you have the engineering know-how to protect their products. Our team has experience working with thermal manufacturers in various industries and highlighting the value they bring to their customers. By executing to Athena’s proven process, we have successfully helped companies secure new business.

We have worked with companies that manufacture the following:

  • Heat Exchangers/Sinks, Heat Transfer Systems, Micro-Folded/Channel Fin Cold Plates, Liquid Cold Plates
  • Complex Electromechanical Assemblies, Box Builds, and Enclosures


Our experience with Thermal manufacturing expands across these markets:

  • Aerospace/Defense and Military
  • Medical Device and Healthcare Equipment products
  • Consumer Goods and Retail
  • Building/Construction and Agricultural products
  • Automotive, Rail, and Transportation
  • Telecom and Electronics
  • Oil and Gas, Values, Fluid Control Instrumentation and Measurement applications
  • Solar and Alternative Energy
  • HVAC, Machine Automation, Material Handling, and Industrial Equipment

Success Stories

Thermal Solutions Manufacturer

Thermal Solutions Manufacturer Positions for Sales Growth by Leveraging Athena’s New Business Development Process Model

KTK Themal Technologies

KTK Thermal Gets Sales Support and Brand Recognition

As a new company, KTK lacked sales support and brand recognition. See how Athena helped.

View Case Study


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