Maximize Qualified Sales Opportunities with Front-End Sales and Marketing Support

More than ever before, custom tooling manufacturing companies need a solution for identifying, engaging, nurturing, and converting leads into qualified sales opportunities. Whether you’re producing punches, dies, cutting tools, plastic injection molds, or any other custom tooling solution, our team has the proven experience, technology, and processes to help you achieve your sales goals.

We work with a variety of custom tooling manufacturing providers that operate in complex sales environments:

  • Custom production tooling for:
    • forming/forging/casting
    • plastic injection mold building
    • punches and dies
    • cutting tools
    • progressive tool and die
    • die cutting and die making
  • Many other production tooling companies serving manufacturers of complex products

Success Stories

Anderson Global

Anderson Global Full Case Study

Learn how we helped Anderson Global close $70k in three months, grow pipeline activity to $1.2 million, and increase sales visibility.

Read Case Study

Anderson Global Video Case Study

Watch a concise overview of how we helped Anderson Global grow its sales in new markets and achieve great results.

Watch Case Study

Effective Sales Solutions for Custom Tooling Manufacturing Companies

This webinar from Athena SWC CEO Todd Zielinski goes in-depth into the latest challenges and opportunities in the metal manufacturing industry. Zielinski also identifies a key process solution that can help custom tooling companies overcome these challenges based on a proven front-end approach. Fill out the form and watch now.

Metal Webinar Video

Form for the Manufacturing the Sale Webinar for Metal Manufacturers


Learn How to Power Revenue Growth with Our Webcast

Sign up now for your individual webcast to learn how you can start growing custom tooling manufacturing revenue faster. This 60-minute live webcast will provide you with a greater understanding of how Athena’s marketing process can work to generate highly qualified leads, improve sales rep productivity, and compress your sales cycle.

You can also call Todd Zielinski, Athena Managing Director/CEO, at 716.799.9324 to learn more.

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