Success Story: Precision Manufacturing Group Partners with Athena SWC to Streamline and Implement a Holistic Front-End Sales Process

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Client Profile

Precision Manufacturing Group (PMG) is a custom manufacturer of tight tolerance metal components and assemblies targeting medical device, RF and microwave, commercial equipment, aerospace and defense, and various original equipment manufacturing markets.

Business Situation

PMG had an initiative to increase sales through acquisition of new accounts. Additionally, they wanted to create greater awareness of their P3 delivery guarantee offer; an internally designed program leveraging PMG’s operational excellence to develop new customer relationships and deliver product ontime, every time while accepting financial risk for missing due dates.

PMG was not securing new business opportunities and developing new business relationships at the desired rate because their internal sales resources were focused on servicing PMG’s existing accounts. This situation severely constrained the company’s ability to educate the market and execute the necessary activities that focused on new business development and creating traction for their P3 delivery

As a manufacturer, PMG was interested in a highly structured and measurable process. They needed a comprehensive solution that could simultaneously create awareness and education, as well as develop a repetitive flow of qualified sales-ready opportunities.

Supporting Aggressive Sales Goals

Precision Manufacturing Group (PMG) teamed with Athena SWC to implement a new business development process to support PMG’s aggressive sales growth initiatives. Athena’s front-end sales process, tools and professional staff was used along with PMG’s market knowledge and experience to produce a customized and repeatable process that was designed to provide more and better qualified, sales-ready leads and relationship opportunities.

The process included segmenting and updating PMG’s database according to industry verticals, and creating content messaging
that was relevant and engaging to the targeted market buyers’ interests and needs.

Using Athena’s Processes to Drive Results

The synchronized multiple touch messaging process focused on educating prospects by offering online webcast presentations that introduced PMG’s P3 Performance Delivery Guarantee Program, as the first qualified step in PMG’s sales cycle. The focus of the webcast was to quickly educate prospects and produce requests for quotes or identify future interest opportunities. PMG leveraged five facets of Athena’s outsourced business development service offering:

  • Relationship Acquisition and Management Process (RAMP) – to generate and manage large volumes of highly qualified sales leads
  • Relationship Centric Touch Program – to increase awareness and education within the marketplace through an
    e-newsletter program
  • Nurture Marketing Program – to build relationships with future interest prospects and convert them into the first step of active sales cycles
  • Sales Lead Pipeline Management Services – to provide expertise, resources and tools to track, manage and support sales opportunities from lead conversion to acquisition of new relationships
  • Trade Show Support Program – to target attendees and potential attendees to increase traffic to the exhibitor booth and provide post campaign follow up to convert qualified trade show opportunities to maximize PMG’s trade show return on investment

Athena’s highly skilled team and differentiated process positioned PMG to utilize division of labor within the sales process. Specifically, PMG sales personnel were enabled to focus more of their time on the significant number of new sales opportunities resulting from Athena’s execution of the new business development process.

The Results

Precision Case Study Result

Since the inception of Athena’s process solution and support services, PMG has injected well over 65 new qualified relationships into
active sales cycles that account for over $250,000 in estimated potential sales revenue awaiting closures.

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