Our Integrated Inbound/Outbound lead generation program provides a best-practice approach to lead generation as well as an ROI estimate based on your conversion rates. Our process works to qualify and convert interested inbound leads into sales-qualified leads that are ready to take the first step.

For our outbound component of the process, we will build, clean, and find contacts for additional companies that fit your specific criteria (geography, annual spend, size etc.). We reach out to those contacts through a scheduled series of phone calls, voicemails, emails, and direct mail until we reach a resolution. Future interest prospects are put into a nurture program and receive a monthly educational/informational email to keep your company top of mind.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our true decisive competitive edge is in our ability to quantify your marketing investments and track those activities back to bottom-line sales return.

Typically, companies find themselves engaging in our services because they are looking for a low-risk vehicle to quickly test and/or launch into new markets, obtain intelligence to better understand demand, and generate sales results without making large investments in operating overhead.

Our Inbound/Outbound Lead Generation Solution

inbound and outbound lead generation

Services Include

  • An Experienced Team — Gain access to a team with manufacturing sales experience that will focus on your inbound (website) inquiries as well as perform outbound marketing (live calls, email, direct mail), and sales coordination activities to convert prospects to sales-qualified leads.
  • Prekickoff Preparation — This is where we learn all we can about your products/services and your target profile.
  • Inbound Lead Generation – Using best practice SEO and content creation, our agency partner will drive conversions of interested prospects.
  • Social Media Posts – Increase your brand visibility and demonstrate market leadership with regular social media posts.
  • Marketing automation and landing pages — Use targeted messaging to drive conversions with regularly scheduled informational emails.
  • Targeted list accounts – Let our professional do the heavy lifting to get you in front of your dream account.
  • Sales Coordination – In addition to following up RFQ/quotes from targeted accounts and inbound leads, we will follow-up with 20 of your RFQ/Quotes to help move them through to close.
  • Future Interest Nurture — When a prospect doesn’t have an immediate need, we will commit to following up at a later agreed upon date to convert them to an sales-qualified lead.
  • Website Visitor Follow Up — We review website visitor list with you to exclude those that don’t fit the targeted profile or otherwise shouldn’t be targeted. We then call the remaining prospects in an attempt to qualify and secure first step in your sales cycle.
  • Sales Process Management — We identify, advise and implement process improvements monthly with management and your sales team.


  • Track, measure, and maximize your inbound marketing return on investment.
  • Target a select group of A-list prospects.
  • Compressed sales cycles and increased sales conversion rates.
  • A dedicated process with experienced marketing and sales resources to execute functions related to managing inbound website lead submissions.
  • Increased sales rep productivity by allowing the sales team to focus on selling and closing qualified opportunities.
  • Enhanced visibility to the sales pipeline, including the knowledge of where leads are in the buying process.
  • Mitigated risk of aging or losing RFQ/quote opportunities.
  • The ability to convert longer-term sales opportunities into sales-qualified leads using a proven process.

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