Success Story: Simulated Surgical Systems Partners With Athena to Provide an Outsourced Marketing and Sales Support Infrastructure

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Client Profile

Simulated Surgical Systems provides virtual reality simulation technology for surgical training, specializing in robotassisted surgeries.

Business Situation

With the rise of robotic surgeries in the United States, there has been a growing demand for hospitals, simulation centers and universities to provide training programs for their surgeons. Simulated Surgical Systems (SSS) had developed a highly differentiated, cuttingedge, hardware and software training program, and needed to get to market quickly while they were ahead of the competition and demand was high.

Although SSS believed they had a significant competitive advantage that would resonate with the market, they would need to battle for market share with much larger, highly staffed competitors. Additionally, their competition had a foothold in these healthcare environments, as their salespeople supplied the hospitals’ decision makers with the robotic training hardware for which SSS’s training solution was developed.

With the lack of internal sales resources, SSS began to evaluate options to assist with the front end of their sales process. They needed the ability to strike quickly, educate a niche market segment, and qualify and convert active opportunities to the first step in their sales process.

A Partner Who Understands

Simulated Surgical Systems partnered with Athena SWC, an outsourced provider of new business development, sales support and marketing process models, to leverage Athena’s Synchronized Relationship Acquisition and Management Process (RAMP), outsourced sales and marketing process support services, and web-based technology tools. Simulated Surgical Systems chose Athena because their process had proven success marketing into the healthcare and medical device market place.

Athena also provided the ability to understand the needs of the market place related to robotic training solutions and how Simulated Surgical Systems’ training device could address those needs effectively.

Developing and Touching Targeted Lists

Athena’s first step was to develop a targeted prospect list which focused on hospitals, universities, and simulation centers across the country. Along with creating a new database of qualified contacts, previous relationships and lists that had been developed through numerous tradeshow events were revived by Athena’s efforts. Athena developed a highly targeted, custom-built list of perioperative directors and doctors that specialized in urology, oncology, and OB-GYN.

Athena’s synchronous touch process (direct mail, email, web marketing, inside sales follow up) ensured each decision maker and
key influencer received multiple and continuous touches throughout the campaign effort, building awareness and education regarding Simulated Surgical Systems’ simulation technology and training solution.

Filling the Sales Pipeline

As a result of the profiling and segmentation targeting, development of compelling messaging and lead qualification process, Simulated Surgical Systems was able to compress their cycle-time to more efficiently secure on-site qualified demos of their medical training device.

Athena also increased “face-time” with decision makers and key influencers, which provided the ability to close new business more efficiently.

Within three months of the campaign kickoff, Simulated Surgical Systems received multiple RFQ’s, live demo sessions, webcasts
and added multiple new accounts to the pipeline, of which the expected close has a value of more than $2,000,000.

The Results

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Introduced $2 millioninto SSS’s active sales pipeline

Compelling Messaging and Task Icon

Developed Compelling Messagingthat educated the market and highlighted their differentiation from the competition

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Provided technology tools to track, monitor and keep visibilityof hit rate metrics and return on investment estimates

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Provided front-end marketing infrastructure support toassist sales with achieving its sales growth goals

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