With a holistic approach to inbound and outbound marketing, we provide the people, processes, and tools to support all your front-end sales needs.

To provide your business with qualified sales-ready leads and fill your sales pipeline with future opportunities, we will work to understand your business model, new business development goals, product(s) or service(s) positioning, and your target market(s).

We develop compelling messaging, which is focused on buyer pain points, key interests, or specific needs. The messaging is delivered to your prospects through a series of strategic inbound and outbound activities, which are managed and executed by a skilled team dedicated to your account. Outbound touches include phone calls, voice messages, direct mail, transactional (one-to-one) emails, e-blasts, and e-newsletters. Inbound touches are generated through website development, SEO programs, website visitor tracking, content development, and social media.

We provide sales coordination to manage, track and follow up on RFQs and quotes while capturing win/ loss feedback, which increases the chances of winning by ensuring the quote meets the needs of the prospect. These touches are designed to motivate a buyer to engage in conversation, attend an educational event, or agree to receive relevant content periodically that will contribute to their learning and ultimate buying decision.

Streamline Marketing and Business Development

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Marketing and Sales Strategic Infrastructure

Our Holistic Marketing & Sales Strategy


Resource Optimization

Your sales staff wears many hats from project management, account management,  prospecting, to clerical duties. Optimize your resources by letting us be the new business hunters so your highly trained sales staff can focus on doing what they do best— closing the new business opportunities and growing the accounts while managing your current client base.

Typically 40% of a salesperson’s time is spent in activities leading up to the first active step of the sales cycle. The growth of a company depends on closing sales, yet a salesperson’s time is highly fragmented. Through the division of labor concept, we provide the front-end sales and marketing production processes, active sales cycle coordination, and infrastructure so your sales team can focus on selling.

Follow Through Until Resolution

Once new qualified sales opportunities have been identified, Athena coordinates sales appointments, assists your sales team with reporting follow-up of each active sales opportunity, and provides monthly status updates on all leads as they move through the sales cycle. We continue to provide marketing touches at planned intervals until the lead converts or revokes permissions.

Follow Through Until Resolution


Results Driven

Our process is proven to bring results. You can experience significant increases in qualified leads and pipeline revenue, enjoy greater industry awareness of your brand, and receive market intelligence relative to decision-makers and key influencers.

Results Driven

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