Our Industrial Marketing Services Drive Success for Multiple Types of Manufacturers

Athena SWC has proven success in generating qualified leads for manufacturers in many different industries. Our team of strategists, consultants, designers, researchers, and specialists are always ready to provide expert industrial marketing services that generate and nurture leads through resolution.

Check out the industries that have benefited from our expertise below. For real-life examples of how we’ve created value for our clients across industries, see our case studies page.

Corrugated and Folding Carton Manufacturing

We’re well-versed in the challenges that face independent corrugated manufacturers and folding carton companies when it comes to generating new business. View our corrugated packaging marketing solutions here.

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Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing marketing is just the first step in one of the longest sales cycles. See how we support electronics manufacturers by finding prospects that match their criteria and moving them through the sales pipeline.

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Machine and Equipment

Our equipment manufacturing marketing services are designed to keep machine manufacturers’ names in front of industry contacts until they have a need, keeping them from missing out on opportunities even with aging or forgotten prospects.

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Medical Manufacturing

Our medical device marketing centers on medical manufacturers’ unique value proposition, quality certifications, and their preferences and requirements for the companies they work with in order to secure new first-step appointments or RFQs.

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Metals Manufacturing

Our metal fabrication marketing has proven successful for any fabrication method or product size. Learn about our extensive experience working with contract metal manufacturers.

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Plastic Manufacturing

Regardless of the type, volume, or application of plastic products that any plastic manufacturing company makes, we have the experience to generate qualified leads in their target markets. Learn about our plastic manufacturing marketing.

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Plastic and Flexographic Packaging

Our plastic packaging marketing services simplify new business acquisition processes by focusing on identifying and addressing different types of clients’ unique needs and pain points.

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Professional Service and Technology

B2B professional service and technology companies use our professional services marketing and sales strategies to find qualified leads, improve productivity, and compress sales cycles. Find out more below.

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Thermal Manufacturing

Our proven process for thermal manufacturing marketing and sales coordination has achieved success in helping many thermal manufacturers attract new business by highlighting their competitive advantages.
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