Streamline Your Marketing and Sales Functions with a Structured Approach

Private labelers and co-packers today face the same challenges to growth as the manufacturers and other companies they serve. Whether it’s an aging and inflexible sales team, one that’s saddled with non-revenue-generating responsibilities, or the complete absence of a sales and marketing function, it’s likely clear that something has to change if your organization wants to grow. At Athena, our co-packer and private label marketing and sales capabilities solve these challenges through a structured front-end sales solution backed by a holistic approach to outbound and inbound marketing.

We have years of experience working with leaders and teams within these markets to compress and streamline what is often a highly technical and time-consuming sales cycle:

  • Contract packagers
  • Private label manufacturers
  • Co-packing service providers
  • Chemical distributors
  • Toll blenders
  • And many more

Success Stories

Crystal Packaging

More than $2 million added to contract packaging sales pipeline through integrated outbound–inbound program

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Industry Insights

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