A Marketing and Sales Process That Powers Revenue Growth

Our proven marketing and sales process helps manufacturers across industries generate and nurture new business through a combination of inbound and outbound marketing activities followed by sales coordination. We nurture each prospect from first touch through resolution. This strategy makes sure our clients reach the right target audiences and never miss out on potential opportunities.

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to prove return on investment (ROI) for your marketing investments. Our consistent, repeatable marketing and sales process allows us to tie marketing activities directly to their effect on your bottom line.

See how our individual service types create a full-service solution for industrial marketing below. To hear more about how our services can help your company drive more bottom-line sales growth, connect with us today.

Holistic Approach

Our marketing and sales strategy takes a holistic approach to support both inbound and outbound activities that drive frontend sales. See how we generate qualified, sales-ready leads for manufacturing companies across industries here.

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Integrated Inbound/Outbound

Our integrated inbound and outbound lead generation program combines our traditional outbound processes (e.g., phone calls, focused eblasts, personal emails) with the power of inbound marketing (e.g., SEO, blog posts, chatbots, social media). It involves direct outreach and the use of targeted marketing content to reach prospects that fit your specific criteria followed by sales support, prospect nurturing, and pipeline management. Learn more about our proven inbound/outbound process model.

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Inbound Lead Generation with Sales Coordination

Our inbound lead generation program connects you with companies that need your products or services through a robust inbound marketing strategy. Our process then helps to turn those lead submissions into first-step appointments and supports your team with sales coordination.

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Inbound Conversion Services

Our inbound conversion services are meant to support the inbound lead generation program to maximize your return on investment. Learn more about our inbound conversion secrets and competitive advantages.

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