Pipedrive CRM

Athena is a Pipedrive Elite Partner. It is a cloud-based CRM system that gives sales managers and salespeople the visibility they need to manage multiple deals and contacts effectively. For clients that don’t have a CRM, we set up a Pipedrive account for them with one client license and offer additional licenses at a discounted rate when required.


A product of Pipedrive, LeadBooster is a conversational chatbot that engages in conversations with website visitors as soon as they land on the homepage, turning a website into a full-time lead gathering machine.

Client CRM

It’s not a problem when clients want us to work within their CRM. Our team has experience working within all major CRM systems including HubSpot and Salesforce.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that allows us to manage marketing processes across multiple channels. The platform includes powerful tools to automate email campaigns and social media, create landing pages and forms, and view reports and analytics.

Thomas WebTrax

Thomas WebTrax can turn anonymous website traffic into real, actionable leads for businesses. This is why WebTrax is our preferred website tracking technology for B2B industrial clients.

Research Tools

Our Research Associates use a number of resources, including live calling, Hoovers, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google, Industry groups, and more, to ensure our target lists are accurate.

Adobe Creative Suite

Our graphic designer and content creator rely on the Adobe Creative Suite to provide professional quality sales sheets, emails, articles, case studies, presentations and other marketing collateral as required by the program.

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