Our inbound lead generation program provides an outsourced infrastructure using industry-proven search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to attract companies that need your product or services with the potential to become repetitive six- to seven-figure opportunities.

Our process then works to convert those interested to first-step appointments by following up with phone calls or emails. Monthly meetings keep you apprised of where the prospects are in your sales pipeline, mitigating lost opportunities from aging.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our true decisive competitive edge is in our ability to quantify your marketing investments and track those activities back to bottom-line sales return.

Typically, companies engage in our inbound lead generation services because they are looking for a low-risk vehicle to test and/or launch into new markets, obtain intelligence to better understand demand, and generate sales without significant investments in operating overhead.

Who We Work With

Athena 1.0 is available to small B2B manufacturers (less than $10M in sales) in complex sales environments in the following industries:

Services for Inbound Lead Generation Include

Target Market Profile

Attracting the right type of customer is a critical component of a successful inbound lead generation program. We will help you develop profile criteria that match your ideal customers, construct an SEO strategy around it, and vet your inbound submissions to create a more efficient process.

Create Awareness and Educate the Market

From personalized follow-up emails and call scripts that keep your value front and center to user-friendly web forms and chatbots that serve your customers 24/7, we create a presence that facilitates turning prospects into customers. Plus, you benefit from consistent and impactful LinkedIn posts that will expand your reach and engagement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our targeted long-tail keyword strategy sets the foundation and is used to develop two monthly SEO-optimized blogs to increase your site’s relevance and authority. Additionally, dedicated monthly web development efforts fine-tune your website or content, ensuring you capitalize on top opportunities to rank on search engine result pages.

Secure Opportunities and Develop Relationships

Website visitor tracking allows us to gain valuable insights to tailor our approach. Our monthly outbound calls and personalized emails to your inbound prospect lists help us secure opportunities and foster lasting relationships.

Sales Process Management

It is easy to lose track of inbound leads. Our system ensures that doesn’t happen and keeps you apprised of where they are in the sales cycle, allowing you to close more sales. In addition to managing inbound leads, we will follow up with existing customers with opportunities for more revenue potential!

Sales Coordination

We will reach out to your existing customers to explore additional product or service opportunities to increase your market share and potential spend based on new product lines, SKUs, programs, new locations, etc.

Enabling Tools and Technology

Inbound marketing cannot be accomplished without the suite of tools. We provide the tools so you don’t have to make the investment or spend time and money on training.

  • CRM
  • Web forms and automated chatbot
  • Marketing automation software
  • WebSights (website visitor tracking)
  • ZoomInfo
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Other powerful SEO tools

Value Received From Athena’s Inbound Lead Generation Program

  • See an increase in sales-ready lead opportunities when we qualify your website SEO-generated submissions, which leads to compressed sales cycles and improved sales conversion rates
  • Eliminate the need and cost of hiring and managing a web developer, research analyst, and other website and SEO professionals
  • Improve sales reps performance and increase your revenue share within your existing customer base
  • Mitigate the aging of opportunities, reducing lost sales and increasing the percentage of winning customer relationships
  • Improve sales rep productivity by establishing a system of accountability
  • Quantify your ROI


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