We are excited to announce the launch of our new and completely redesigned website!

Created with the user experience in mind, our new website offers a modern design, easy navigation, improved functionality, and enhanced resources. A great deal of attention was placed on creating content that brings to life Athena’s process offerings and highlights our unique market position. Our offerings include the processes and infrastructure required to vet, secure, and move qualified new opportunities through the sales pipeline for B2B companies with complex sales cycles.

“Athena has been in the process of developing and executing our 5-year strategic growth plan, which included redefining our web presence based on our newly expanded inbound and outbound service offerings. Our mission is to partner with manufacturers and B2B technical sales environments that require best practice processes and infrastructure to support our customers long-term sales growth goals,” said Todd Zielinski, Managing Director and CEO. “It’s our belief that Athena’s new website communicates that mission and vision. I would like to thank Athena’s marketing, sales, and executive teams for their hard work and commitment to making this new website a reality. It has far exceeded my expectations.”

Be sure to take a look around and let us know what you think!