A Lot is Happening in the Plastics Industry Right Now

Public outcry against plastic waste has put a spotlight on organizations to do better with their sustainability initiatives, and yet demand for various plastic products continues to grow in key industries such as healthcare and retail. With increased regulation on the horizon, plastics manufacturers today not only need to combat misperception but also find ways to continue growing. This is why a plastic agency partner has become more crucial than ever.

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With headlines pointing more and more toward the issues with the plastics industry, it’s critical that you prioritize your efforts and target the right customers. The pandemic created significant opportunities for manufacturers, particularly in household goods and healthcare, but that demand has been tempered with an increased understanding of plastics, the ongoing supply chain issues, and more.

As a result, you need to be focused on the right customers that are looking for what you offer. Just as important, those customers need to be looking not just for one random capability on your roster but what’s in your wheelhouse in order to reduce complexity and maximize productivity. And, you need to be focused on customers whose needs match a certain revenue threshold (because the days of taking just anything are gone).

How a Plastic Agency Can Help

First, what do we mean by “agency?” There are many marketing and sales firms out there that can assist with a variety of tasks to supplement your existing efforts. At Athena, we combine outbound marketing and sales strategy with inbound marketing to create a truly holistic approach to revenue growth for plastics manufacturers. This sales focus differs from many plastic agency options because we deliver more than just creative — we deliver results. Let’s dig into this.

  • We Handle the Front End of Sales — On the outbound side, our team works with you to build lists (and work with existing lists) of prospects and companies where you have opportunities. We then conduct strategic outreach to them, answering questions, overcoming objections, and nurturing each relationship until it’s ready to go over to your team. The result is that your sales team is able to focus on higher priority tasks and opportunities that are ready to close and ultimately become more productive. Learn more about our approach here.
  • We Handle the Marketing Work — Whether you already have a marketing team or not, partnering with our plastic agency means you get two full teams to tackle a variety of marketing efforts — both outbound and inbound in nature. You don’t have to worry about shortages in capacity or skill or finding talent to hire. We’ll handle list development, outreach communications, email marketing, social, web development, content marketing, SEO, and more to capture and nurture prospects. Learn more about the benefits of inbound and outbound marketing working together.
  • We Provide Sales Tools — To ensure all of the above marketing initiatives are producing measurable results, we implement Pipedrive — a sales CRM and pipeline management platform. Even if you already have a CRM, launching a Pipedrive for your efforts ensures that our team captures all opportunities upfront and is able to track and report on all activity conducted to move them toward close. This information is reported to your team on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Learn more about our technology solutions.
  • We Support Your Sales Team — Crucial to the success of our program is connecting with your sales team on a consistent basis to provide complete support. As your plastic agency, we’ll work with you to fully understand your products, services, and target audience; leverage that knowledge to nurture prospects toward a first appointment goal; follow up on quotes; and provide recommendations and other support for your team on an ongoing basis. Learn more about our sales coordination and support capabilities.

Unsure About This Process? Learn why now is the time to set yourself up for sales success in our free ebook. If you’d like to explore examples of how our work has produced measurable results for other plastics businesses, check out our case studies.

Implement a New Process to Achieve Your Revenue Growth Goals

Now is the time to re-evaluate your growth strategy for your plastics manufacturing business. Don’t let the complexities in the market slow you down — work with a plastic agency to streamline and extend your sales capabilities while enhancing your marketing efforts.

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