Athena’s Inbound Lead Generation with Sales Coordination provides an outsourced infrastructure model that uses inbound marketing tactics to find companies that need your product/services.

Our process then works to convert those interested to first-step appointments. It also provides quote follow up and active sales cycle support to increase sales opportunities.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our true decisive competitive edge is in our ability to quantify your marketing investments and track those activities back to bottom-line sales return.

Typically, companies find themselves engaging in our services because they are looking for a low-risk vehicle to quickly test and/or launch into new markets, obtain intelligence to better understand demand, and generate sales results without making large investments in operating overhead.

Services Include

  • An Experienced Team — You will work with a team that has real-world manufacturing sales experience. They will focus on your inbound (website) inquiries and execute our process to convert them to the first step (meeting, RFQ, etc).
  • Pre Kickoff Preparation — Your company goals are as important to us as your products and services. We will spend time with you to learn all we can about your products/services, your target profile, and your sales goals.
  • Inbound Lead Follow Up and Conversion— Follow-up is a critical component of our program. We will provide a continuous touch process (follow-up calls and emails) to move your leads through the pipeline to resolution.
  • RFQ/Quote Follow Up — Similarly, we don’t want your quotes or RFQ to age, so we will follow up on it to obtain resolution, including win/loss feedback.
  • Future Interest Nurture — Note everyone has an immediate need for your services, but we want to be ready when they are. We will commit to following up at a later agreed upon date to convert them to a qualified lead.
  • Website Visitor Follow Up — People research early in the buying cycle, so website visitor tracking is important. We review your website visitor list with you and then we will call the prospects you’ve approved in an attempt to qualify and secure the first step in your sales cycle.
  • Active Sales Cycle Support — Using Pipedrive or your CRM, we will work with your sales reps to manage the movement of leads through your sales pipeline. We will also manage RFQ/quote delivery, follow up with prospects to secure the next steps in the sales cycle, and offer trip planning for sales reps, so they can maximize business trips.
  • Sales Process Management — Using the knowledge and market feedback we receive while implementing your program, we will identify, advise you on, and implement process improvements with management and your sales team. This is done monthly.


  • You will be able to track, measure, and maximize your inbound marketing return on investment.
  • You will see your sales cycle compress and sales conversion rates increase.
  • You will receive a dedicated process implemented by experienced marketing and sales resources who will manage inbound website lead submissions.
  • Your sales reps will enjoy increased productivity because they can focus on selling and closing qualified opportunities.
  • Pipedrive CRM gives you enhanced visibility to your sales pipeline, including the awareness of where leads are in the buying process.
  • Our process will mitigate the risk of aging or losing RFQ/quote opportunities.
  • Your longer-term sales opportunities can be converted to a sales qualified lead using our proven process.

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