Create a detailed road map that ties your new business development activities to tangible goals with the help of Athena’s RAMP process.

As you prepare your new business development plan, does your plan consider the following:

  • You have defined and prioritized the industries whose needs fit with your product/offer. You have segmented markets within each industry by those that best fit with your product/offer, and by the size, geography, etc. where you can most effectively sell, implement and provide after-market support services.
  • You have identified the decision makers or key centers of influence in each segment and the criteria they use to decide to purchase.
  • Your messaging is compelling and successfully represents your product/offer to the market. It clearly separates your product/offer from competitors. Your messaging is directed to the decision makers and/or key influencers in the targeted markets, and is consistent with their buying criteria.
  • You have defined your goals for new customers and related sales. You are able to define the average Lifetime Value for a new customer.
  • You have identified the most effective marketing and media programs to introduce your company to the targeted
    • markets/prospects and to secure new opportunities.
    • Trade shows
    • Campaign or inside sales cold calling
    • Internet marketing
    • Advertising
    • Direct mail, publicity, Etc.
  • You are able to quantify and link the results you expect to produce from each marketing/media program to your new business development goals.
    • The number of qualified sales ready leads required to secure the goaled new accounts and related sales volume.
    • The number of leads required to secure the desired qualified sales ready leads
    • The number of prospects you must target to produce the required leads and the number of touches per prospect
    • The number of future-interest or future-demand prospects that you need to continuously touch over-time, and where granted permission, Nurture.
    • The resources and time required to execute the marketing/media programs and sales activities within the required time-lines
  • You have a repeatable process and skilled resources in place to effectively execute your new business development activities.
  • You have defined performance metrics to evaluate success and to identify areas of improvement.
  • You have developed a budget and calculated the expected ROI on your marketing program investment to determine the appropriate total budget for your marketing efforts.

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