Amherst, N.Y., October 18, 2021—Athena SWC is excited to announce its partnership with NgageContent, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. NgageContent is a growth marketing firm comprised of a skilled team of inbound marketers, content strategists, and web developers with extensive industrial manufacturing experience. The partnership positions both companies as industry leaders to offer a completely integrated inbound and outbound marketing solution.

Like Athena, NgageContent uses goal-based strategies to drive revenue growth. The company brings the inbound component, implementing website development, search engine optimization, and content marketing strategies to drive traffic to customers’ sites.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Athena in this new partnership,” said NgageContent CEO and cofounder Mike Cottrill. “They have an established reputation in our industry and have accomplished amazing work for their clients. As we expand our services for manufacturers, it makes sense that we partner with Athena to drive greater lead opportunities and maximize our clients’ marketing investments. We’re looking forward to supporting their success and the success of their clients with our inbound marketing work.”

Athena’s outbound component includes front-end business development support, sales support and pipeline management, outbound calling, and targeted messaging through direct mail and emails. From the first touch of a prospect, Athena nurtures that prospect through resolution with a series of planned and executed marketing touches. Using customer sales conversion rates in each step of their sales cycle and the anticipated opportunity values, Athena provides customers with an estimated ROI. This is tracked and reported quarterly, so adjustments can be made when required.

“Our goal of being a best-practice inbound/outbound marketing firm for manufacturers is realized through this partnership. It allows us to offer a completely integrated inbound and outbound marketing approach, which is required for the flow of leads and ROI our customers need,” said Todd Zielinski, CEO and Managing Partner, Athena SWC. “This truly differentiates us because most agencies offer either inbound or outbound, not both, and they can’t track, measure, and monitor return on investment and sales growth.”