This chart is a representation of Athena’s model and what we believe is a best practice approach to establishing a sustainable and effective new business development effort.

new business development

Below is a list of the pros and cons for implementing a new business development model from the ground up internally versus choosing to outsource to a provider like Athena SWC.

Internal Implementation
Outsourced Solution
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Management and accessibility to a direct employee(s) Time consuming to train staff effectively A proven, best practice process that provides the discipline and capability to quickly implement and go to market without extensive “ramp up” time. (45–50 day implementation) Initial knowledge of client and/or learning curve for the outsourced provider
Full-time employee(s) dedicated specifically to your new business development efforts (for your capabilities, products, markets, etc.) Time and money spent researching new business development strategies and learning how to properly implement. (processes, software, etc.) Template and foundation for the client to implement internally in the future (if desired) Access to a percentage of an outsourced team’s time
Expansion of new business development initiative is highly controlled by management Employee burnout and turnover due to working on the phones, which could lead to unexpected costs associated with refilling the position  60-day opt-out, which provides a risk-averse, cost-effective option to test a best practice lead generation approach Sales leadership’s time commitment for proper implementation during initial launch (approximately 3hr./week in first 45-50 days)
Control the investment in salaries, benefits, and software Failure of FTE(s) to achieve sales goals, resulting in the need to restart the hiring and training process  Software, tools, printing and postage included in the investment Sales staff “buy-in” and understanding of the process model
Professional growth of employees within the organization Need to hire multiple individuals with various skill sets to implement a new business development infrastructure (list clean, inside sales, marketing/content and graphic design) Ownership of all data, prospect lists and marketing/sales collateral Lack of on-site resource, which can impact communication between the outsourced provider and client
Cost of full-time employees and software and technology (estimated between $250K – $350K annually minimum) Market intelligence, sales statistics, and analytics (to track, measure and monitor ROI and effectiveness)
Immediate access to a team of experts with various skill sets without having to hire/manage employees (list research and development, inside sales, marketing and graphic design, and project management)
Mitigates management’s time and investment in hiring, supervising staff and managing the flow of activities
Mitigates the risk of staff turnover that can disrupt the flow of activities